Ranch Homes

Ranch Style Home

A ranch style home is home where all the living space is on one floor. Ranches can range in size from 900 square feet to over 2,000 square feet. They are ideal for anyone looking to age in place or families where anyone has mobility issues; because everything is on one story, it makes accessibility much less of an issue. Ranch style homes are also ideal for families with small children; stairs are a major safety concern for small children once they become mobile. Ranch homes offer the flexibility you need as your needs change, allowing you to stay in the same home for years without worrying about accessibility, excessive noise, or dips in property value. 

Our ranch style modular homes come in a variety of floor plans to ideally suit any family. With easy access to the outdoors, convenient layouts, and gorgeous interiors, our options are perfect for your family.

Benefits of Modular Ranch Style Homes

Modular homes are wonderful options for aspiring homeowners who are looking for a long-lasting investment at an affordable price. Because our modular ranch style homes are built in a factory-like setting, they can be built quickly and efficiently with minimal hassle. Construction proceeds quickly and is not delayed because of weather - an important consideration in the Western New York area! Because there are fewer costs associated with the construction of these homes, prices tend to be lower; our modular homes for sale are up to 15% less expensive than standard built homes. They are beautiful, durable, and built to last. Reach out to Twin Lakes Homes Inc to learn more about our modular ranch homes for sale!


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