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About Our New Home Builders Serving Buffalo, NY

At Twin Lakes Homes, Inc., we are the custom home builders who serve the Buffalo, Springville, Olean, and Western New York area with quality mobile homes and new homes. Our professional team can help you build your next home at a faster rate and in better conditions than most standard construction companies. We take pride in helping our clients find modular homes for sale without breaking the bank and finding the house that will be right for you and your family!

Our mobile homes and new build houses are custom designed BY YOU. Our customers can choose a floor plan that will work for their family and then choose from 100s of options to create their dream home. From selecting the type of carpeting or flooring to choosing the cabinetry, lighting, faucet fixtures, windows, doors, appliances, and a whole lot more, let us help create the place you feel happy to call home. 

We Offer Modular Homes for Sale!

Our mobile homes are built in a controlled environment with the most stringent quality control measures on every aspect of every home. The average home takes our new home builders 4-6 weeks to construct and another 2-4 weeks to be completed on-site. Often, it takes even less time! Compare that to any site-built home developer! Our new home builders have made the home-building process a science. 
Our team is filled with individuals who encompass specialized skills and can build a certain section of your home over and over and over, greatly reducing mistakes made. We buy our materials in bulk and have made the process so efficient that we can save you THOUSANDS of dollars when compared to a traditional site-built home!
Twin Lakes Homes is one of the area's premier new home builders. We are dedicated to delivering excellent craftsmanship that is custom to the vision you have of your dream home.  Are you ready to get started? Call us today for more information about our modular homes for sale.


From William Sprague

I have been helping people own their own home for over 40 years! As owner-operator of manufactured housing sales at Twin Lakes Homes Inc. and co-owner of B & B Homes Inc. I can custom build homes to your order, with many models to visit. As Principal Broker of Reality One Briardale, I am able to offer you land for your new home, facilitate the sale of your existing home, or put you in any residential home available.

Being in the construction business for as long as i have has given me immense knowledge about housing and the changing markets.


From Kody Sprague

After graduating from the University of Richmond in May of 2007, I knew I needed to make a housing decision. Being only 22 years old at the time I did not have a lot of money, yet wanted the best for my family. I had several options; purchase an existing home, build a home from scratch, or rent. After doing some research I realized that hiring a builder to construct a house from scratch would be far too expensive and take a long time. Living in a rental, in many cases, costs as much, if not more, than a mortgage payment on a new system built home. And at the end of the rental you have NOTHING to show for it! You build NO equity. Then, after checking out the local real estate market for existing homes for sale, I found that I could purchase a similar house that may be 40 or 50 years old for the same price as buying a brand new system built home! Also, my house would be more energy efficient, better made, and equally as customizable as any preexisting or new site built home. And the best part is that it was done in less time than it would take to close on a existing home and a fraction of the time it would take to construct a home from scratch on site!

I live in a system built home and so do most of the people working at Twin Lakes Homes. WE BELIEVE IN WHAT WE SELL! Give us the chance to prove it to you and you will become a believer too!

Twin Lakes Homes Staff

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