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If you are in the Buffalo, Springville, or Olean, NY area looking for new home builders, look no more! Twin Lakes Homes has the expertise and equipment needed to get the job done. With the Twin Lakes Homes process, getting into a new home has never been so easy!

Our new home builders work in an environment that is ideal for the best possible results. Weather is no longer an issue when you choose us! Weather will not prevent us from working and it will not damage your home or our materials being used. 

Quality, efficiency, and customer services are a few of the qualities that we are most proud of!

Getting a new home can be a stressful event as it is quite an investment. We try to do our best to make your life easier when conducting business with you. If you want a faster and more efficiently built mobile home, rely on Twin Lakes Homes. Learn more about our building partners by reading below.

Fairmont homes:



Fairmont Homes Inc.

Fairmont homes: For over 35 years Fairmont Homes has provided thousands of families with the comfort, security and a general well being that only a quality-built home can offer. As a leader in innovation and superior construction techniques-Fairmont Homes continues to transform the factory built housing industry into the best value in American home ownership. Read more.....

Marlette Homes:



Marlette Homes: Focused primarily in the northwestern and northeastern US, Marlette has built affordable, innovative and energy-efficient manufactured homes and modular homes for over 40 years. With Marlette's industry-leading innovations such as engineered foundation systems, forced-air heating and reliable plumbing systems, it did not take long for a pioneering reputation to set its homes apart from the competition.         Read more....

Titan Homes:


Titan Homes


Titan Homes:  More Craftsmanship. More Choices. Expect More from Titan HomesIt’s finding a home you can truly feel proud to call your own. It’s design choices that perfectly match your need for space and comfort and frees you to express them in your own way. It’s award-winning design and craftsmanship, with true attention to detail. It’s a commitment to providing you with the style and features you’ll enjoy for years to come, It’s combining everything you would want in a home with surprising affordability. Read more....


Remember, if you are in the Buffalo, Olean, & Springville, NY areas looking for new home builders, you don't have to search anymore. Twin Lakes Homes Inc. is here for you! Our homes are built in a controlled environment for the best possible results. Every home will have to withstand the elements at some point, but with our homes, you know the very core of the construction was built in an environment that would not cause damage to the foundation of the house.  When you choose us, you will be well on your way to a brand new home in a shorter time period than standard home construction companies can offer. We have a variety of new home styles to offer for our construction services!

We understand moving into a new home, or having a new mobile home built can be a stressful time. When in reality, it should be one of the most exciting times of your life. This is why our new home builders do everything they can to make the process easy for you. We make sure we are providing a quality construction job in a timely manner.  From Buffalo and Olean to Springville, NY, see why so many people have trusted Twin Lakes Homes for newly built mobile homes. Give us a call today and see how we can help you!