The Modular Advantage

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Quality Construction:

Modular homes are sections of homes that are built indoors, in ideal working conditions. During construction, materials are never weathered by rain or snow and the most advanced tools and techniques are used in building each home. The combination of computerized design and qualified assembly experts enables manufacturers to produce the highest quality homes. After these sections are built in the factory, they are sent to the site where the home is fully assembled. 


Purchasing a modular home dramatically cuts the time to completion. A modular can typically be built in as little as six to eight weeks. The homeowner can expect to move in within 30-45 days, which is considerably less time than it would take to complete a site-built home.


Bulk purchasing of raw materials and efficient assembly line production enable modular home manufacturers to produce homes that cost less than site-built homes. Modular home purchasers pay the price quoted at time of deposit, with no cost overruns. Site-built home purchasers may experience cost overruns over the course of construction.

Strength of Construction:

Modular homes are built to travel on highways at 55 miles per hour, arriving at every homesite with little or no cracking of finished drywall. This stability is the direct result of the extra materials used in the construction of each home. Double perimeter joisting is one example of the many extras used in modular construction that ensure the strength and durability of each home.

Modular homes share many good qualities with traditionally built homes:

Don't be fooled by misconceptions about modular homes. Modular homes last as long as traditionally-built homes. Or at the very least, can last nearly as long. Modular homes also do not depreciate in value. Modular homes are like traditional homes in that they are meant to stay on the site they are placed. Mobile homes or manufactured homes are built entirely in a factory and moved to the site. For more information on our modular homes, please give us a call at (716) 492-1480 or (716) 496-8240.

Affordable and reliable modular homes for sale in the Buffalo, NY Area.

Twin Lakes Homes Inc is an experienced and reputable new home builder serving Buffalo, NY and the rest of the Western New York area. Our modular homes are constructed with strength and longevity in mind, making them ideal for harsh Buffalo winters. With the convenience and affordability of a modular home, your dreams of homeownership can come true! Stay safe and dry all year round in one of our beautiful and durable modular homes. Our experienced and professional new home builders can answer any questions you might have about the construction process. Give us a call today to learn more!

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