Tom and Corrine

   In 2013, as we entered our retirement years, we pondered our future. Especially the owning of two properties. A home in the City and property in the Southern Tier. On fixed incomes, double taxes, homeowner bills, transportation costs and miscellaneous bills did not seem financially feasible. 

  We decided to build a new home on the Southern Tier property. This would include replacing the mobile home currently located there and selling the property in the city.

  Late that same year we met Bill and Kody Sprague of Twin Lakes Homes, Yorkshire, NY. On being introduced, we found both to be personable and willing to listen to our wishes and concerns. Veering off the path of the normal model homes that they normally construct, we presented our own floor plan. They were quite happy to investigate the possibility of our design with the engineers. 

 Shortly thereafter, with a few minor "tweaks" to our design, the engineers approved it. At the same time we met Mr. Mark Hopkins, the contractor, specifically tasked to arrange the erection of the new home and responsible for the completed project.

We found Mark and his entire crew to be "user friendly"  i.e.. willing to answer ANY questions we had and willing to work right along with us. Mark also had many suggestions to upgrade design and functional issues. We are sure this is due to his many years of experience in the construction field. Concrete, siding, foundation, drywall, flooring and the list goes on, were not beyond the scope of his expertise.

With our new home being basically completed in April 2014, We would highly recommend the staff at Twin Lakes Homes and Mark Hopkins to anyone interested in construction of a modular-type home. In fact, we have passed this recommendation on to friends, family and others interested in the same type construction.

Our biggest surprise was the actual erection of the building. In one day all 2800 square feet was placed on the foundation (installed earlier). Finish work was completed later with any construction issues being addressed.

At this time, we are VERY happy with our new home and the willingness of Twin Lakes Homes and Mark Hopkins to follow up any and all issues that arise.


Tom and Corrine