Bob and Donna

We moved to Arizona a couple of years ago and realized the we could not afford two house. So, we left our camper down to Rushford Lake and came back during summers. Before moving to Arizona we bought a multi section from Twin Lakes and lived in Arcade Valley Estates. When we decided to come back to New York from Arizona we had a big decision to make on where to live. We thought about putting a home on our lot in Rushford. But, after doing some figuring, we realized that buying a home from Twin Lakes and moving into Arcade Valley made the most economical sense. Since moving in we have had very little maintenance on our home. The biggest problem that we've realized is that we didn't order enough outside faucets to water our gardens!

Arcade is a very good area and has a lot to offer for a small town.

We've bought three homes from Bill Sprague over the last 35 years and each of my two sons have recently bought one. You always know what you're going to get with Bill. You can always count on things to get done and if you're not happy with something you know it will get taken care of. It means a lot when you're making such an important decision.

Bob and Donna


Would you recommend living in Arcade Valley Estates?

I do all the time!


Do you feel safe in Arcade Valley Estates?

I went to bed last night with the door open. It's nice because it's self-contained. There's no drive-by traffic and we have really good neighbors.