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Marlette Homes: Focused primarily in the northwestern and northeastern US, Marlette has built affordable, innovative and energy-efficient manufactured homes and modular homes for over 40 years. With Marlette's industry-leading innovations such as engineered foundation systems, forced-air heating and reliable plumbing systems, it did not take long for a pioneering reputation to set its homes apart from the competition. Company history inspires pride in its team members and is expressed not only in the quality homes built, but also in their longevity of service. A majority of retail outlets are long-term partners and have contributed greatly to establishing Marlette as a home "Designed for Living. Built for Life."


An Energy Star® home will have you seeing green.

Saving money

Most homes regularly leak warm and cool air. But Energy Star® homes from Marlette Homes plug the leaks with more insulation and low "E" windows. Energy Star® homes have to meet strict guidelines for efficiency set by the EPA and are typically 20% to 30% more efficient than standard homes.

Saving the environment

Remember, the energy we use in our homes often comes from fossil fuels, which increase smog, acid rain and global warming. So the less energy we use, the cleaner air we enjoy.

A blue star means green

Look for the blue Energy Star® mark, which is the government-approved symbol for energy efficiency.


Quality is built into every Marlette home.

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